Anonymous asked: you don't have to say sorry, I just have really bad luck :)

Aye, me too tbh! haha but don’t worry i will do a giveaway again ^^

taehyung bein taehyung

bye bye~

[!] Vote for BTS at the So-Loved Awards!


Bangtan is nominated in the Choreography, Song, Mini-Album, and Hip-hop/R’n’B categories! You can vote until September 15th.

Anonymous asked: I always found out about giveaways too late :(

oh, i’m sorry :(

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The winner for my giveaway is jinmama, congratulations! Please reply to the message I have sent you within 24hours or I will use the random generator again to pick a different winner. 

For the other people who didn’t win, i’m sorry! Don’t worry i’m sure this will definitely not be the last time i will be doing giveaway.